The NSRC trip to SOHA in brief!

Bukola Olafenwa
4 min readDec 18, 2018

It was 13th November, 2018. The day walked into the history of the NASELS Students’ Representative Council (NSRC) gaily with permission. It came with a godly sun that rose happily, far above shapely heads, and shone within a gazing distance that eyes explored skillfully: moderately excited, the pairs hunted optimism and delight, which every perception pocketed in their very willing hearts in a common illustrious style.

The day came with a jolly for the council: an excursion to the State of Osun House of Assembly (SOHA) in collaboration with renowned members of the Students’ Representatives Council of the Faculties of Pharmacy and Science, and the Department of Microbiology. Initiated by honourables of the Pharmacy Students’ Representative Council (PSRC), the NSRC, in its commitment to expose its members to legislative activities at its best, enrich their legislative skills, make them better custodians of the law presently, and prepare them for future and greater legislative roles, embraced and put in for the trip.

The team of honourables to the hallowed chamber was received by Deputy Legislative Manager, Mr. Babatunde Martins, after which the Director, Legislative Department, Mr. Raheem Kolapo Sanusi, introduced the principal officers of the House, and engaged every participant in a two-hour long enlightening, interactive session on state and general legislations.

In his address to the distinguished crew, the director defined the legislative arm of government as the centre of democracy and heart of democracy, and ‘representation’ as the main function of every parliamentarian. He did a perfect breakdown of the structure (house, committee and departmental) of, positions in, and facts about the State of Osun House of Assembly, and shed light on crucial oversight legislative functions as well as terms, too.

A question and answer session followed, during which all curious parties shared their inquiries and contributions that were appropriately responded to and exalted respectively, and was succeeded by a parting statement to the visiting group and a vote of thanks, all anchored by the director.

Subsequent events at the State of Osun House of Assembly included a historic meeting with the clerk of the house, Mr Amusan, and a tour of remarkable sites within its vicinity, including its e-library, canteen, chapel, grand mosque and the route to the legislative quarters.

NSRC honourables who participated in the excursion included Speaker, Rt. Hon. Falope Gbenga (Part four constituency); constituency leader, Hon. Malomo Tunde Emmanuel (Part four constituency); constituency leader, Hon. Olafenwa Bukola Ruth (Part three constituency); Hon. Yusuf Qudus Olaniyi (Part two constituency); and Hon. Oluwadamilola Fayemi David (Part one constituency).

It is worthy of note that apart from the distinguished attendance of participating legislators from the Faculty of Science and the Department of Microbiology, the presence of the organising team, PSRC honourables: Speaker, Rt.Hon Samuel Sola Michael (Part five constituency); clerk, Hon. Adeoye Felix (Part three constituency); Hon. Olufuwa Deborah (Part five constituency); Hon. Abidemi Adebayor (Part three constituency); Hon. Afolabi Maleek (Part two); Hon. Akin-Ayankunle Taiwo (Part one constituency) was remarkable.

It has been a progressive experience for the NSRC in the OAU 2017/2018 academic session; its commitment towards the regulation of the activities of the NASELS Executive Council has been consistent; individual, collective and collaborative efforts have been largely productive, beneficial to OAU’s Department of English; and as the Council looks forward to a position transition in the forthcoming academic year, as well as future gainful collaborations, it continues to exist as an upholder of sanity, a guardian of the NASELS constitution, and a place where the interests of Naselsites at all undergraduate levels in the Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University are adequately represented.

From the NSRC to everyone is compliments of the season.

The Obafemi Awolowo University’s Branch of the National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (NASELS) is the official association of the University’s students of English, of which the NASELS Students Representative Council (NSRC) is its legislature.

Writer: Hon. Olafenwa Bukola Ruth, OAU Part three English Language student and class representative, NSRC Part three constituency leader, and member, NSRC Media Committee.



Bukola Olafenwa

Alumna, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria; University of Westminster, London. Academic Mentor at The LETTA Trust, London.